Essex County Council colleagues boost climate change knowledge by completing Carbon Literacy training

Thu, 28/09/2023 - 15:42


ECC employees receive Carbon Literacy accreditation from the Carbon Literacy Project

More employees at Essex County Council continue to enrol and receive their full Carbon Literacy accreditation.

Thanks to the number of people now trained in Carbon Literacy, Essex County Council has recently been awarded Bronze accreditation by the Carbon Literacy Project, recognising the council as a Carbon Literate Organisation.

On Wednesday, 13 September 2023, Essex County Council (ECC) held an awards ceremony for those who completed their training. Cllr Peter Schwier, Essex County Council’s Climate Czar, led the ceremony and handed everyone present their certificates.

Speakers, such as Sam Kennedy, ECC’s Director for Environment and Climate Action, and Nick Garrod, the Director of Learning and Skills for Rio ESG, gave presentations on the importance of the training.

As part of the awards, there was also a friendly competition, which aimed to recognise those significantly impacting their level of carbon reduction as part of their pledges.

All ECC employees and members can participate in the Carbon Literacy training to gain a greater understanding of climate change. The course is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn what actions to take to make Essex a greener county.

The end goal is for 1,000 ECC employees to receive their Carbon Literacy training. Places on the course are limited, and ECC staff and members can book their place today!

Tackling climate change is a major priority for ECC, and the environment is identified as one of the core themes in the Everyone’s Essex strategy

The training provides us with an understanding of the effects of climate change and what actions we can take at home and work to combat it.

Employees can sign up for training via the online platform MyLearning. The course comprises four eLearning modules, a carbon footprint calculator, a short documentary, and a facilitated training session.