What is a Local Nature Partnership (LNP)?

Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) bring together local organisations, businesses and people who want to improve their local natural environment. The Local Nature Partnership Board and Essex County Council coordinate the LNP across the county. Together, with our partners, we will strengthen the impact of local action for nature recovery.

In 2018, the Government published a 25-year Environmental Plan (25YEP), a plan setting out what the government will do to improve the environment within 25 years. The LNP will be working closely on areas described in the 25YEP and Environment bill such as Biodiversity Net Gain and Nature Recovery Network.

At a time of climate emergency, the LNP will aim to steer the collaborative work of conservationists, government, business and individuals to work in partnership to protect, improve, create and connect our county’s natural landscape to deliver multiple, environment, social and economic benefits.

How will the LNP benefit Essex?

  • In a climate and nature crisis, it is imperative that we prevent further loss of biodiversity and work towards reversing the decline
  • Nature Recovery is needed in Essex, to restore habitats and wildlife
  • Produce positive outcomes that integrate the needs of nature, people and the economy
  • Enables a diverse range of organisations and communities to work together in partnership, to make the best use of our available resources
  • Raise awareness of the value of Essex’s environment to the economy and society

For more information around the work of Essex County Council for the Environment, see here.


Targets of the Local Nature Partnership

The Government stated that Local Nature Partnerships should form in the most appropriate way for their area. After identifying the needs and priorities for Essex, the Local Nature Partnership Board agreed on the following 4 targets, to be achieved by 2030:

  • 14% of Natural Green Infrastructure coverage of Essex to be increased to 25% Natural Green infrastructure coverage by 2030
  • 50% of farmland in Essex to adopt Sustainable stewardship practices by 2030. This target has been adopted from the Essex Climate Action Commission. 
  • 1 in 4 people in Essex taking action for Nature Recovery. Target adopted from the Essex Wildlife Trust. 
  • Access to high quality green space for all.


The Local Nature Partnership: Board Membership

The 14-strong board will see representatives from agriculture, development, local government, conservation organisations, community groups, health organisations and youth groups, with the county council providing initial administrative support.

Members of the board represent their organisations, but will come together to collaborate on knowledge, skills and ideas.

The Board is chaired by Simon Lyster.

The Board comprises executives from:


How to get involved with the Local Nature Partnership


Structure of the Local Nature Partnership

Essex Local Nature Partnership is hosted by Essex County Council (ECC) and is structured around a Board, an officer working group and sub-focus working groups. There are currently 4 sub-focus working groups:

  1. Local Nature Recovery Strategy Working Group
  2. Community Engagement Working Group
  3. Planning and Biodiversity Net Gain Working Group
  4. Agriculture Working Group  

Organisations involved in the Working groups include: