New environmental status awarded to Essex County Council

Tue, 30/05/2023 - 10:00

Carbon Literacy Project has awarded Bronze accreditation to the council.

The Carbon Literacy Project has awarded Essex County Council with Bronze accreditation, recognising the council as a Carbon Literate Organisation.

News of the award comes as over 250 council employees have achieved Carbon Literacy accreditation.

Carbon Literacy is an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.

Essex is one of just nine county councils to be awarded Bronze accreditation.

Training to become Carbon Literate is being offered to all employees and elected members at Essex County Council.

The training provides individuals with a strong understanding of the causes and effects of climate change and how the challenges it poses can be tackled.

Carbon Literacy accreditation confirms that an individual is equipped with the knowledge to help fight climate change. As council staff continue to achieve accreditation, the council is also improving its capability to combat the climate challenge.

At Essex County Council, Carbon Literacy training specifically focuses on how climate change affects Essex.

This Bronze award is the result of the council’s commitment to Carbon Literacy and being serious about maintaining a low-carbon culture.

Members of Essex County Council’s senior leadership have already earned Carbon Literacy accreditation including Leader Cllr Kevin Bentley, Climate Czar Cllr Peter Schwier and Executive Director, Climate, Environment and Customer, Mark Ash.

Cllr Schwier said: “Fighting the effects of climate change is of great importance to the council.

“Being named a Carbon Literate Organisation and having over 250 council staff and members Carbon Literacy accredited is a sign that we are doing all we can to help reach our net zero targets.

“Carbon Literacy training makes the council’s workforce better equipped to tackle and execute climate action projects.”

Representatives from Essex County Council will be attending the Carbon Literacy Awards in Manchester next month to officially receive the award.

More information about the council’s effort to reach net zero can be found in the council’s first Climate Action Annual Report.