Chelmsford & Uttlesford
  • Chelmsford and Uttlesford intend on building and supporting community resilience and will continue to create opportunities for local people and businesses to get involved and inspiring others to make a difference.
  • Uttlesford pledges to support Communities to build resilience.

Ingatestone and Fryerning
  • Ingatestone and Fryerning are currently exploring the possibility of creating a community garden in the village, linking with its Health and Wellbeing Group.
  • Colchester intends to take action to enable and support educational and awareness raising events e.g. Eco Colchester 2020 and the action of interested stakeholders, schools and businesses to promote behaviour change across our communities while working with town and parish Councils to identify how they can work together optimally on this challenge, reflecting the wishes of the communities and residents it serves.
  • Colchester will utilise existing partnering mechanisms to enable regional conversations with other Local Authorities across Essex and the Eastern region on joint climate emergency action.
  • Colchester will continue to communicate frequently with residents to improve participation in recycling and waste minimisation initiatives taking an asset-based community development approach to discovering and enabling existing and new community led initiatives associated with repair, upcycle and reuse social movements.
  • Colchester will develop and roll out a climate change learning and development programme for staff and members to improve understanding of carbon and wider environmental context. The skills programme will include basic training/awareness for everyone, with more targeted/ intensive training for decision-makers to enable them to adequately assess carbon impacts in their decisions.
  • Colchester will ensure enabling action on its climate emergency is a key element of a new Community Enabling Strategy for the Council. As part of this it will undertake regular and ongoing dialogue with community groups across Colchester to ensure the best use of assets, skills, talents and creativity within its communities to tackle its climate emergency.
  • Colchester pledges to utilise existing platforms, networks, and Groups such as Eco Colchester, Extinction Rebellion’s People’s Assembly and will use scrutiny processes to ensure that there is diversity in the development of solutions and proposals for climate action.
  • Southend will be prioritising action to enable schools in the borough to support net zero and climate positive aspirations and to ensure that young people in the borough are involved in the decision-making process on net zero and climate positive action.
  • Southend will be building a network of Green City Champions and Partnerships.
  • Anglia Ruskin University will be equipping its graduates with the knowledge, skills and agency they need to address the challenges of sustainability including the climate and ecological emergency.
  • Anglia Ruskin University will work alongside local communities, supporting them to develop their understanding of sustainability and create social structures that can lead in sustainability.
  • Willmott Dixon Construction will be challenging itself to make social value a consideration in every decision we make. The way it does business will set the standard for social value in its sector and it will support other businesses to prosper.
  • It will support people who face significant barriers to be in, or on the path to, good careers. 100 of these will be new careers within Willmott Dixon.
South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP)
  • Within South East Local Enterprise Partnership's (SELEP) strategy there are a number of areas that align with the workstreams of the Essex Climate Action Commission, including working with businesses to understand the barriers and emerging opportunities that the shift to a net-zero carbon economy presents. SELEP wants to raise awareness, influence, and champion its clean growth agenda to positively affect change.
  • Rural Community Council of Essex will continue to encourage and facilitate local community engagement and action to help rural communities build a more sustainable future.

  • Abberton Rural Training will be developing a new range of online learning materials to provide additional access to course materials and information for those most isolated in its communities. It aims to help nature as much as we can and improve our climate to reduce the effects of climate change.